Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gaming Aperture

I know I have used this blog as a way of promoting other blogs in the past, but I have now created the one I'm going to be sticking with for good (besides here). It's hosted on Wordpress, although I'm going to be adding a custom domain to help make the site look more professional and be more of a website than a blog. It's based on gaming, as I'm sure most of you could figure out from the name. I post everything from FPS games to Adventure RPGS and MInecraft. I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out, I'd appreciate it.

It's located here.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nerf Nitefinder- New In Box Collection

After just receiving a new blaster from a member of OzNerf (Thanks Kingcam) I am starting to grow a bit of a brand new in box Nitefinders. I have one standard, one Whiteout and one Clear. I intend to get another Sonic one to keep NIB as well as a few more standard ones. With the discontinuation of the Longshot, I'm getting paranoid about having a few models to put away and keep for the day when they'll be rare and be a proper collectors item.

If any of my readers have a NIB old generation Nitefinder that is blue or has grey on the grip instead of black, as well as any out of box blue models that they'll sell, drop me comment down below. For that matter, why not let me know what sort of NIB collection you have in the comments as well. It's always interesting to see what other people have!

The latest addition to the collection!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Blasters to Come Soon

I am getting about 4 shipments of new Nerf blasters from a friend in Brisbane in a couple of months, with about 16 blasters, most of which are quite rare (at least in Australia). The blasters are:

-Clear Maverick
-Clear Nitefinder
-Clear Recon
-Clear Deploy
-Clear Raider
-Gear Up Raider
-Gear Up Recon
-Gear Up Maverick
-Gear Up Barricade
-Blue Longshot
-Blue Maverick
-Whiteout Longstrike
-Whiteout Deploy
-Big Bad Bow
-Sonic Maverick

It is going to cost a fair bit, but it'll be worth it for all intensive bragging rights. The shipments will be coming in lots of blasters of $100 value each time. The lot will be in my possession by June. Get ready for some great pictures and reviews!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nerf Product Releases- Improvement?

Following the release of the Rayven around the world, it makes sense to discuss produce release cycles. Basically, America normally gets all the new products first. But that is starting to change. Us Aussies are starting to get release in a timely manner, instead of waiting three months and the blasters disappearing in a couple of weeks.

The Rayven came this way anyway, although we are yet to see Jolts, or any of the 2011 Dart Tag line. It has been reported by various sources that Kmart will be stocking them on the near future, but that is almost year late! And when the Whiteout series came out, we were screwed over and we didn't even get the Longstrike.

While release cycles are improving, retailers really need to understand that consumers will buy this gear, and that it's more than worth their while to go about importing it. I am starting to use Amazon to catch up, although shipping is costly and I'm running out of cash to do so. I'll start putting up reviews really soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more Gear Up series, as well as an arsenal update VIDEO, with me talking!

All in all, I am writing this to try to see if anyone can try to explain the erratic releases of Nerf products in Australia. If you know, please leave a comment, because I really have no idea what's going on...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dart Tag Snapfire: New Pictures and Information

Urban Taggers beat me to it... But I'll post this anyway. We have some new pictures of the Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8, courtesy of There not a whole lot to say, although I was right about the slider on the handle being for Power vs. Speed. That seems cool so I'll be sure to get one as soon as they're available. Another one to add to the list...

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Name has Changed!

This is just a short post to say that I have changed my Blogger display name from my real name 'Dylan', to Eclipse, what I am better known as on the forums. So all of my posts will have the author name changed, but don't worry, it's still the same old me. :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nerf Dart Tag- Snapfire 8

Another new release from the TIA Toy Fair, the Dart Tag 'Snapfire' 8! This is an official release from Nerf, coming along with it's own press release reading:

The NERF DART TAG SNAPFIRE 8 blaster features one-hand firing, an essential element when players are on the move during competition battle. This semi-automatic blaster allows competitors to load darts into the front and then cock and fire darts as the front barrel revolves with each trigger pull. The DART TAG SNAPFIRE 8 blaster also enables players to adjust the tension level for increased speed and distance. Includes 8 Velcro tipped DART TAG darts. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
Courtesy of The Toy Spy: Note the Snapfire just under the Sharpshot on the right.

This appears to be a new concept, involving the blaster priming when you pull the trigger, as in this. I'm also curious as the the addition of an adjustment for range. I have absolutely no idea why you would need to have less power, other than maybe the fact that it has less tension on the trigger resulting in a lower rate of fire... We'll have to wait and see.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite- My Take

The announcement of the N-Strike Elite line of blasters really took me by surprise, due to the fact that Nerf actually really started listening to us. I am starting to think that they are starting to realise that there are some many modders out there, and given that the majority of newby mods only get around 75 feet, getting it right out of the box will be pretty nice.

As for what the 'Elite' darts are like, I'd just say denser foam and a weightier tip, although still with the air release hole, which is disappointing. I'd hope they'd fix that problem eventually, but they still couldn't address it in what is a virtual factory mod of the line. It is probably there for safety, although the are far better ways around it.

Basically, I'm not sure what to expect from the Elite line, it could be all it set out to be, or it could be 50 feet flat, 75 angled scenario that could be prohibitively expensive. I'll be keeping my eye our for any early models that pop up on eBay, because I'll pick it up for sure.

Longshot Build for Commision

I have just received a commission from a good mate of mine for a Longshot. He is just getting into Nerf, and with the only blaster i his house being a Deploy, I really wanted to make him something special for his first 'real' blaster. I had though of an RSCB'd BuzzBee Ultimate Missile Blast, but dismissed the idea because he had thought it look rather 'bad'. Longshot it is then.

He said he'd cover materials, so with little to no persuasion, he handed over $150. With the cash in my pocket, I headed out of school rather content with my efforts. Don't ask me why he brought $150 to school, but he did. I'm heading out to pick up a Longshot for him and a couple for me tomorrow, as we are lucky to still have the last of them over here.

I'm going to be adding an Oznerfnerd mod kit, as well as boltsled reinforcement brackets and a brass breach. I'll also paint it white with blue details and silver dry brushing. I'll also be adding some blue LEDs and a real nice LSFG integration. It should be really good. After my Supershot failed from multiple breakages e.g. total obliteration of the boltsled, I'll be reinforcing it with multiple different methods.

I'll post some pictures and a full write up on OzNerf and link it here, as well as adding some exclusive pictures.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Name Change

As you have probably noticed, the name of the blog has recently changed. Nerf Down Under seemed more relevant than The Nerf Blog, so there you go. Thanks to LostBoy for the name idea, and also for making the Facebook page HERE. Please check it out, as I find social networks to be an easy way to convey new posts and also some other exclusive news that you may not be able to find here. It's always fun to get reader feedback and to be able to communicate with you guys better.