Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nerf Product Releases- Improvement?

Following the release of the Rayven around the world, it makes sense to discuss produce release cycles. Basically, America normally gets all the new products first. But that is starting to change. Us Aussies are starting to get release in a timely manner, instead of waiting three months and the blasters disappearing in a couple of weeks.

The Rayven came this way anyway, although we are yet to see Jolts, or any of the 2011 Dart Tag line. It has been reported by various sources that Kmart will be stocking them on the near future, but that is almost year late! And when the Whiteout series came out, we were screwed over and we didn't even get the Longstrike.

While release cycles are improving, retailers really need to understand that consumers will buy this gear, and that it's more than worth their while to go about importing it. I am starting to use Amazon to catch up, although shipping is costly and I'm running out of cash to do so. I'll start putting up reviews really soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more Gear Up series, as well as an arsenal update VIDEO, with me talking!

All in all, I am writing this to try to see if anyone can try to explain the erratic releases of Nerf products in Australia. If you know, please leave a comment, because I really have no idea what's going on...

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