Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Blasters to Come Soon

I am getting about 4 shipments of new Nerf blasters from a friend in Brisbane in a couple of months, with about 16 blasters, most of which are quite rare (at least in Australia). The blasters are:

-Clear Maverick
-Clear Nitefinder
-Clear Recon
-Clear Deploy
-Clear Raider
-Gear Up Raider
-Gear Up Recon
-Gear Up Maverick
-Gear Up Barricade
-Blue Longshot
-Blue Maverick
-Whiteout Longstrike
-Whiteout Deploy
-Big Bad Bow
-Sonic Maverick

It is going to cost a fair bit, but it'll be worth it for all intensive bragging rights. The shipments will be coming in lots of blasters of $100 value each time. The lot will be in my possession by June. Get ready for some great pictures and reviews!

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