Friday, February 10, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite- My Take

The announcement of the N-Strike Elite line of blasters really took me by surprise, due to the fact that Nerf actually really started listening to us. I am starting to think that they are starting to realise that there are some many modders out there, and given that the majority of newby mods only get around 75 feet, getting it right out of the box will be pretty nice.

As for what the 'Elite' darts are like, I'd just say denser foam and a weightier tip, although still with the air release hole, which is disappointing. I'd hope they'd fix that problem eventually, but they still couldn't address it in what is a virtual factory mod of the line. It is probably there for safety, although the are far better ways around it.

Basically, I'm not sure what to expect from the Elite line, it could be all it set out to be, or it could be 50 feet flat, 75 angled scenario that could be prohibitively expensive. I'll be keeping my eye our for any early models that pop up on eBay, because I'll pick it up for sure.

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