Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nerf Pinpoint Sight is Back!

It has been reported by various sources that the Nerf Pinpoint sight tactical rail accessorie has been re-released in Singapore as a promotional item. If you spend $40 SG or more on Nerf, you get one for free. This is pretty awesome, as the only way to get hold of one previously was to pay exorbitant amounts of money on eBay. Now there's no way $100 is going to sell. The fact that it says "Worth $12.90" indicates that it may be made available separately at a later date.
Image from XCON of the NerfSG forums.


  1. Yeah mate, most certainly alive thanks. I'm going to get a bit more active on here soon.

  2. Hi Eclipse,
    Nitefinder49 here from Oznerf. I've recently started a blog called so would you mind taking a look please?


  3. Hoping to get my hands on an EPPS sometime soon!!

    Loving the blog man, keep it up :)


  4. Any more posts??????????? ITS 2014! 2 years ago was your last post.