Monday, April 18, 2011

MY Supershot

So, as you may or may not already know, I am currently doing extensive work on my Longshot. I saw Uin13s video here a while back, and I have wanted to do something special with my Longshot since I got it. Although it was cool and all, I knew it had great potential, and I'm now going to finally unlock as much as I can! I will go through the mods below:

Already Done
Firstly, I have already removed the air restricters, added a Nitefinder spring (as recommended by some members of OzNerf- but the spring combo sucks- don't do it!) and have done some work on the air seal. Externally, I have removed the top rail- quite cleanly- I just need to fill the gaps with epoxy putty. I have also integrated the front gun- which turned out not so great- I'll say what I'm going to do with that soon. As well as all of that, I have done some other small mods- like putting some PVC in the stock to stop it collapsing and sanding off the warning labels. All in all, it works ok- but isn't very good.

What to do with the front gun
I have decided that, for the front gun portion of the blaster, which is integrated, as mentioned above, I'm going to be gutting the internals and using epoxy putty to make a nice grip. But that's not all. What's to do with that gaping hole. Why not make good use of it by installing a flash light into it. It would really give you an edge in low-light conditions. This will be switched on via a small slider switch in the back angled portion of the LSFG. I am then going to install a targeting laser in the same general vicinity as the flash-light, but it will then be activated by a push-button SPST tactile switch, right on the grip portion, for ease of operation.

Extra Performance
The internal mods that still need to be done, besides a new breach are few and far between. I want to get rid of the annoying rattling of the dodgy NF+LS spring combo, by replacing it with a single Black Tactical LS V2 spring found here. It looks great, and will get rid of the makeshift spring combos once and for all. I will then order a second o-ring for the plunger head, to increase the seal. I will also lube the seal. If I have enough money, I'll also get the metal internals found here. If only they made a bolt-sled.

17/32 Brass Breach
Although the stock breach provides ok performance, if I'm after the ultimate Longshot, or Supershot,  I need nothing but the best. This brass breach is going to be an modified version of of the 'Angel Breach' found on  Nerf Haven, made by ForsakenAngel24. It's a great design, but with the ease of the 17/32 design, used by Coop, and made by someone who I'm not sure of their name, I think that it will be ideal.

If I really want something special out of this Longshot, I'm going to have to put in some real effort. So, with the stylised hole in the shell, I'm going to add LEDs. This will completely awesomeize? this blaster. It will just top off the shell really nicely. I'm going to use green ultra-brights, hooked up to a 4.5 volt, 3 AA circuit.

Shell Mods:
As stated earlier, I have already integrated the front gun, although I am going to add a few extra things. Firstly, the top rail is already removed, so I'm also going to be removing the logos and safety warnings with some sand paper. Also, all the annoying nubbly bits at the front are going to be sawn off, as I have already don with one side. I will also need to fill all the gaps with epoxy putty.

Paint Job:
Well, this is technically a shell mod, although I believe it is significant enough to be done separately. The colour is going to be a white vinyl dye, with florescent green highlights and all the orange internals left orange. It should look great , and with a bit of luck, I can sand the scratched down, so the vinyl dye doesn't show them up.

All in all, this mod may take up to three months to complete, so stay tuned for the end result. I won't actually post all my new progress, as  believe the finished product will have more effect than a half finished prototype. That's pretty much it for now. Just make sure you follow us on Networked Blogs, and keep Nerfing.

Networked Blogs Account

So, I recently found out (from my mum, nonetheless) that there was a great app on Facebook, allowing for an easier way to follow blogs. In fact, it is so good, that it will tell you via you Facebook updates when I have posted something new. I have a widget for it in the sidebar, so if you want the easiest way to stay in touch with all the new content here on TNB, all you have to do is make sure your signed into Facebook, and then just click the follow button. It's heaps easier than Google friend connect, so I hope you guys like it.

That's about all for now, just remember to follow the blog and keep Nerfing!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sorry Guys

Hey guys. This post is just to say sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've had a lot of assignments for school, and have bee really busy in general lately. I have done a few new mods, that I will be sure to post. I also have some new ideas to post about, including a new review criteria system, where all my reviews are going to be made a whole lot better.

This post was mainly just to say sorry for not posting enough content recently, as well as letting you know that the blog isn't dead, it just had a bit of down time. For any of my followers, thanks for your support. And if your not already, become a follower!

That's about all for now. New content to come soon. In the mean time, keep Nerfing!